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Isaac Ong, VP Business Development Asia

A One-On-One with Isaac

When did you discover your passion for helping people through business?

My expertise in helping people to be at their best happened in 2000 when I was asked to train several groups of students in multimedia computing at the lower primary level. Through that opportunity I discovered the knack for transformation change and since applied this expertise to students and working professionals in all sectors; coaching, facilitating and training for more than 18 years to several thousands of participants.

As well as 18 years of experience, do you have any academic qualifications?

From 2004 to 2009, I realised my teaching dream and enjoyed myself tremendously at the school of ICT, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Furthering this training transformation experience, I harness, shape and ground the knowledge and theories of instruction, high-performance leadership coaching with postgraduate studies at NIE (2004), NTU (2009), IAL (2017) and RP (2019). The certification in ACTA allows me to appreciate and apply my delivery effectively in competency-based programmes. In addition to training and facilitation of workshops, I design, develop and curate lesson materials; I am also an Agile Implementation, Scrum and Design Thinking practitioner.

What other coaching have you carried out?

In 2011, I reignited my passion for teaching and supervisory work as an adjunct faculty, practising life-skills coaching and transformation leadership mindset for young working adults at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. I actively apply design-thinking, purposeful storytelling. In 2012, I started HR practice in learning & organization development; and is a qualified high-performance culture facilitator and coach. I have over 10 years of working experience in large corporations; my career coaching experience spans over 5 years and as an Emergenetics Certified Associate/Coach; certified in using the powerful brain-based personality profiling tool. 

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