Think Your Projects Plans Better: A NASA Triumph


Think Project Plans BETTER All projects start with a plan, don’t they? OK, let’s cast aside all those projects we’ve been involved in where the ‘plan’ was doodled on a scrap of paper. Hopefully we are all working to a well-formed plan or plans in our projects. Brilliant plans are a delight to [...]

Think Your Projects Plans Better: A NASA Triumph2020-04-20T11:26:26+01:00

Develop A Project Team Who Think Plans Better


What we look for in a project team that thinks plans better They know their starting point? A while back a cyclist, lost in the countryside, came across an old fella leaning on a farm gate. This local must surely be able to point the way to the rider’s destination. When he asked [...]

Develop A Project Team Who Think Plans Better2020-05-21T15:39:46+01:00

Thinking Covid-19 Disrupted Projects Better


A Process to put Your Covid 19 Disrupted Projects Back On Track These totally unprecedented times are an extreme case of project disruption. How often have you been involved in a project that has suffered from delays, re-planning or at worse case total abandonment because of a project disruption. This might be because [...]

Thinking Covid-19 Disrupted Projects Better2020-04-08T10:28:12+01:00


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