Build a resilient team with some powerful new habits


Ian Travers CEO TIB Group continues to examine how organizations can improve their resilience to the current massive disruptions to their work Start with building personal resilience There is so much external conditioning being thrust upon us at the minute fuelled by the media grabbing our attention with sensational stories. What can we [...]

Build a resilient team with some powerful new habits2020-09-09T09:04:19+01:00

Iain McGachie – Consultant at TiB


Iain is a highly talented, highly accalimed business leader with over 35 years’ experience in large complex, heavily regulated, hi-tech engineering businesses. He has a breadth of experience from senior roles in multiple business functions including, customer management, sales & marketing, fleet planning, supply chain management, quality, programme management and services with global responsibilities. [...]

Iain McGachie – Consultant at TiB2020-08-28T10:20:44+01:00

Resilience Comes From The Way We Think


Think Organizational Resilience Better Ian Travers CEO Thinking it Better Group talks about the first steps towards thinking resilience better Thinking it Better starts from an overriding straight forward process which is to understand, simplify and inspire to act. If we take that into the context of the current environment affecting organizations, we [...]

Resilience Comes From The Way We Think2020-08-26T19:49:22+01:00

New Mindset. An Historical Analogy from the English Archers


The story of the Longbow I’d like to thank my good friend Mike Rix for the following brilliant historical analogy. In these days where organizations and governments are determined to return to a pre covid-19 world, maybe, just maybe we need a new mindset. When old mindsetsets need to [...]

New Mindset. An Historical Analogy from the English Archers2020-08-24T11:03:09+01:00



Just a thought, isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing? The day I tapped a partition wall with a hammer to find out if the plaster was sound. It wasn’t. One minute beautiful bedroom, next two tons of dust.Pouring petrol on a smouldering bonfire. The result, a small explosion and no eyebrows.Nudging [...]


How are we going to live and work with this virus? Feedback from business leaders.


TiB VP of business development for USA, Devin Edwards, talks about the current business climate Devin has spoken with many business leaders over the last few months. The conversations have ranged over many topics, but some key themes are emerging. What do successful businesses want to help them survive and then thrive?. [...]

How are we going to live and work with this virus? Feedback from business leaders.2020-07-30T19:51:53+01:00

Keith Moffitt


In Keith's Own Words A graduate from the University of Reading, I started my career in R+D as a material scientist for Metal Box. After a few years, I moved into a customer-facing commercial role selling speciality food ingredient for a division of Nestle. I spent the next 7 years in sales and led [...]

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Think it better. Make the change.


Think it better. Make the changeI wrote this blog 10 years ago. Has anything changed since? Yes. The trigger point to do something different is here, now. It is time to think it better.If I hear yet another speaker quote Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again [...]

Think it better. Make the change.2020-07-16T11:12:58+01:00

Create a greenfield project


Greenfield Project set up with Suzanne Young, TiB AssociateEstablished projects are significantly less relevant. More often, some of us are staring at a blank sheet of paper; The desired outcome may be similar, but we need to create a ‘Greenfield project’ to deliver service to customers.TiB’s Suzanne Young explains how she set up [...]

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Meet Monica Gaisie – Procurement Specialist


Meet Monica, Our Latest Thinking It Better recruit and an expert in the procurement field.... Tell Us About Your Professional Procurement Background I am a MCIPS qualified Procurement professional with over 15yrs working in construction - predominantly in the railway sector.  Mel loves the fact that I studied Criminology at university, which is a [...]

Meet Monica Gaisie – Procurement Specialist2020-07-12T11:24:07+01:00
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