Introducing AVA

AVA is a complete behavioural profiling system that will help you understand everyone at an individual, team and organisational level.


This knowledge enables you to drive improved performance in your people and your business.


When your people are effective, your business works.

AVA will show you how to get the best from your people by measuring their assertiveness, sociability, calmness, conformity, self discipline, morale, energy and authenticity.

Every AVA report will allow you to understand each area in detail giving you a powerful insight into your people and teams.


AVA for Individuals

Human behaviour is a function of both the individual and their environment. Each AVA report is unique and individually written. You will gain an in-depth understanding into the behavioural style and personality of every individual in your team.

AVA for Organisations

Every AVA report feeds in to an organisational overview, the i2i Team HeatMap. The Team HeatMap offers a unique and integrated insight into your whole organisation. It plots the position of each individual’s behavioural style, illustrating the blend of personalities you have in your business.

One system – complete understanding.


Understanding every individual means you learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

AVA will help you unlock the potential of your people and your organisation.

You will be better equipped to manage, recruit, assess and coach your people and see how they all fit into the complete organisational picture.


i2i - Inspiring Success - AVA Behavioural Assessment - Unlocking Potential

Increased productivity with a workforce doing jobs they love and do for the team

i2i - Inspiring Success - AVA Behavioural Assessment - Staff Retention

Staff retention and effective recruitment with the right people doing the right jobs

i2i - Inspiring Success - AVA Behavioural Assessment - Performance Development

Accurate performance development through understanding motivating and limiting factors

i2i - Inspiring Success - AVA Behavioural Assessment - Effective Team Dynamics

Effective team dynamics by knowing how to communicate, motivate and interact



AVA is a free response multi lingual online assessment that takes around 20 minutes to complete. It comprises two questionnaires and a self-description.


Every detailed AVA report provides you with information around personalised coaching strategies, creating an ideal working environment and providing effective feedback.


There are multiple ways you can learn more about each report, which provide further understanding into each individual, their behavioural style and potential areas for attention and development.


  • Report Only

    The AVA report PDF emailed to all relevant stakeholders with no additional feedback from your i2i analyst.

  • Video ReadBack

    You’ll receive a private video that provides a permanent record of your AVA Video ReadBack allowing you to revisit as required.

  • Phone/Skype Consultation

    An i2i analyst will discuss your AVA report in detail over the phone or via web camera allowing you to ask relevant questions.

  • Face To Face

    1-2-1 AVA ReadBack with your i2i analyst providing you with a truly indepth knowledge of your AVA report.


AVA Completion Instructions

To complete your personal AVA, please email AVA@thinkingitbetter.com to request log in information and pricing details.

Thank you.

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