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Devin Edwards


Devin joins the Thinking Better team to spearhead business development in the U.S. through sales and marketing. She has a background in sales and is passionate about developing long-lasting relationships in business and in her personal life. She graduated from The University of North Texas in May of 2018 with a BBA in Marketing, [...]

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Jason Edwards


JASON EDWARDS, PMP Jason is a results-oriented visionary with expertise in engineering, construction, operations, and management of electrical power assets. He brings over 25 years of experience in design, construction, maintenance, and operations of electrical power assets to assist clients in meeting their goals. His career began with 20 years in the US Navy, [...]

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As a ‘wet behind the ears’ corporal on a Royal Air Force Phantom Squadron my job was to make sure the aircraft were ‘sortie ready’ and serviced (’put to bed’) on their return.  It was also my responsibility to ensure the aircraft area was left in an acceptable state for the next operation. The [...]


It’s all in the mind


So are we talking ‘running’ or ‘jogging’? It doesn’t matter! One of the cheapest, easiest to try, and all round good-for-you activities is the act of moving yourself along using your legs at faster than walking pace. And in my book, whatever the speed, that’s running. I’ve been a keen runner for 18 years [...]

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Asking the Right Questions


"Stick with the facts, stay out of the emotion" It’s all too tempting sometimes to be tempted to vent your frustrations on 'the messenger', and even more tempting on the 'owner' of the news. But before we talk about what are the right questions, lets spare a thought for 'how'. Before you launch into [...]

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Jane Travers


Jane is the Office Manager and will be the person you come into contact with if you call the office. Keeping the teams busy schedules organised and managing the accounts department. Jane has a wide and varied background – from being a self-defence instructor in the Police Service, to managing all administrative activities for [...]

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Charlie Travers


Charlie is the creator and editor of our creative media, whether as part of a programme we are running or as part of a custom solution for a client. Charlie has an eye for creative detail and a talent to quickly absorb information. Charlie has delivered a number of media projects for clients and [...]

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