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What We Can Do For You

ThinkingBetter & Delivering Results

We are transformation partners that provide coaching to individuals, teams and businesses to be the best they can be.



We have a range of solutions for you and your team, our set, proven programmes are tailor-made to suit your business. So whether it is leadership, team engagement, planning or problem solving – we have a solution for you.


NEW to 2019, we are proud to announce the development of digital solutions – a series of world class online, video-led training programmes that enable quick and easy whole company roll-out.


After initial contact with us we like to get to know your ‘current state’, be that your teams, project, business or personal goals.

Our approach, whatever we do, follows the same effective process : we ‘understand’ what is happening today, we work with you to help ‘simplify’ the issues and challenges, and then we work with you to help you develop new strategies and habits that will ‘inspire’ you and your teams into action and deliver great results.

That process is normally looked after by one of our team of ‘coaches’ or ‘consultants’. All of our team are very experienced in their respective fields but all share a common passion for making our ‘thinking’ the very foundation of anything we help you do – that way whatever your ‘it’ is we help you unlock your potential, capitalise on your strengths, and help you realise you potential …and enjoy the journey getting there.

What you won’t find with our approach is a mechanism of making you ‘reliant’ on us – in fact our philosophy is the exact opposite – we want you to become your strength, and over time you become your own ‘coach’. Sure we will always be there if you need us – and we love to hear how great things are going – but the ‘inspire’ part of our process is key here. You won’t need us to ‘motivate’ you … success for us is that we have helped you discover your own inner ‘inspiration’.

After our initial contact and early meetings and visits, we will prepare for you an honest assessment of where we think you are, what things you can do, what we recommend you could get outside help to do, and where that help is something we consider ourselves to be the very best at – we will make some recommendations as to how we can help. Then it’s up to you – you have a good understanding of where you are, we will have focused on and simplified the future path, and we will make recommendations, based on our own industrial experience to help you become ‘inspired’.

We’d love to help you along the way.


Looking for an engaging keynote speaker or someone to deliver an interesting and thought provoking masterclass to your team? Look no further than Ian Travers, discover more about his experience and watch him in action here.



One Small Step for Mel

One Giant Leap for TiB Thinking it Better are delighted to announce the appointment of new MD for UK and Europe, Mel Greaves. The self confessed space fanatic comes with experience unrivalled in the industry. His ability, knowledge and personality will be a huge asset for the company and his signature is a major coup and further demonstration of the company’s commitment to growth. Mel, formerly of Rolls Royce started his role with TiB in January 2020 and is tasked with developing the brand both in the United Kingdom and across the Globe.  He has more than 32 years [...]

Project Team that thinks Plans Better

What we look for in a project team that thinks plans better They know their starting point? Business strategy plan over ladder leading to success A while back a cyclist, lost in the countryside, came across an old fella leaning on a farm gate.  This local must surely be able to point the way to the rider’s destination.  When he asked for directions the farmer looked to the sky in deep thought to consider his answer.  After much contemplation he said, ‘Well. If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here.’  How many projects do we [...]

Devin Edwards

Devin joins the Thinking Better team to spearhead business development in the U.S. through sales and marketing. She has a background in sales and is passionate about developing long-lasting relationships in business and in her personal life. She graduated from The University of North Texas in May of 2018 with a BBA in Marketing, and while earning her bachelors she played college golf for UNT. Competing at a high-level of sport has shaped Devin’s competitive spirit and drive. Devin spent a year and a half in staffing where she was a high-volume recruiter that connected the right talent with [...]

Jason Edwards

JASON EDWARDS, PMP Jason is a results-oriented visionary with expertise in engineering, construction, operations, and management of electrical power assets. He brings over 25 years of experience in design, construction, maintenance, and operations of electrical power assets to assist clients in meeting their goals. His career began with 20 years in the US Navy, including extensive experience in the operation, maintenance, and administration of electrical systems associated with a nuclear power plant.  For the past 10 years, Jason has specialized in electrical infrastructure project management. His work included assisting clients with understanding their electrical power assets and developing strategies [...]

Is that a British ‘Yes’?

A few years ago, I had a great time delivering a new build factory project in Germany. The initial phases of the project were delivered by a UK based team under my leadership, but once the project was formally given the go-ahead, the project became a joint UK/German team based in Berlin. As we put the new team together, it predictably trundled through the “forming, storming, norming, and performing” team performance curve. I distinctly remember being in a quiet, cosy cafe in down town Berlin after a particularly “stormy” meeting with the new German team members. I took the [...]

Treating the practitioners as experts

The company I worked for decided to roll out Six Sigma. The thinking was a concern that there was too much waste in the processes. The countermeasure was Six Sigma. But the thinking was very flawed – what about the causes of waste? Has a countermeasure been applied before causes established? I developed a very simple approach to process improvement based on the following thinking: Treating people who work in processes as experts. People don’t resist change, they resist being changed. we don’t want to motivate people, we want to create an environment where they can motivate themselves. Achievement is [...]