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Leading Great Teams



Introducing a 2 day Masterclass.

Leading a great team is an exciting and dynamic experience, where motivated team members encourage and support each other and performance far exceeds the contributions of the individuals.
…but they rarely come about by accident.

Leaders who understand what makes a great team and how to get there are essential to creating the right conditions for world-class performance, especially in challenging circumstances.

In this interactive and engaging masterclass, you’ll develop knowledge and capabilities in team development, based around well-established theory and models as well as our own industry experiences, putting into practice what you learn as you go along through thought-provoking practical challenges and group interaction.

You’ll learn about team development, team member roles and team dynamics as well as communication skills, trust and agreeing a clear vision that the team are committed to achieving. You’ll also discover how powerful your thinking is in getting the best out of yourself and your team, and how to use this to drive great performance.

Content includes:

• What makes Great Teams great
• Leadership and the role of the leader
• Great communication
• Peak Performance Thinking
• Inspiration & motivation
• Resolving conflicts
• …and more!

Ideal for:
New & experienced leaders of teams alike who want to understand how to lead, not manage, and who wish to create and foster a true team spirit to get the best from their teams. Based on years of experience in leading teams, this course teaches you what we wish we’d know back then and learnt through our experiences!

Key Learning:
Beyond the theory, and using our own personal experiences, we’ll help you:
• Understand what is leadership (& what is it not!)
• Know how teams grow & how to positively influence them
• Appreciate your team members’ styles and and get the best from them
• Learn how to drive excellent performance from yourself and your team in anything you want
• Discover how to lead through inspiring others
• Understand obstacles to great teamwork and how to overcome them
• Identify, manage and overcome conflict



2-Day Masterclass

£1150+vat per person

Early 2018 dates for the East Midlands coming soon!


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