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Chameleon Lean Solutions Ltd – affiliated and working in partnership with ThinkingitBetter – is a Derbyshire-based company with a depth of global lean experience. Founded in 2014, Chameleon Lean Solutions provide bespoke “lean coaching solutions in order to empower your organisation to deliver…”

With extensive hands-on experience from 1994 to the present day, we share our breadth of knowledge, ranging from ‘living’ Lean through Engineering at Toyota UK, to coaching organisations such as Rolls-Royce, Velux, Bombardier, Jaguar, Ford, Land Rover, Iberia, and SR Technics in their lean transformations.

We have experience in short-term and long-term Lean activities, at the ‘coal face’ and throughout management structures. We also have in-depth experience of processes to develop new facility designs and infrastructure changes valued at over £1bn.

The solutions we provide range from traditional lean ‘tool’ training, or lean implementation coaching, to lean leadership behaviour coaching and lean facility support (new build, facility transformation, organisational design). If you have a specific requirement, we look forward to helping you develop a solution.



I have known Mike Finnegan, CEO of i2i ‘Impossible to Inevitable’ for almost 10 years … and it was the event with Mike that inspired me in to action, leaving Rolls-Royce and setting up ‘Thinking it Better’. I am delighted to now be part of the i2i team and able to offer i2i products alongside our sound industrial experience as part of our affiliation.

At i2i, we work alongside your people to develop a culture of high performance thinking in your individuals, teams and entire organisation. Working with i2i, you will learn and understand the psychological strategies that help develop, change and inspire success.

We help you to create inspired individuals and teams, who in turn then deliver exceptional and sustained business performance. Our bespoke programmes and solutions are designed specifically to meet the challenges and opportunities facing your business.

Whatever development programme we design for you, we are always focused on delivering significant business improvements for all stakeholders and authentic development for your people, as they take ownership of their role in driving a culture of excellence.



At Bridge Group we never predetermine a solution. Each client comes to us with their own unique set of requirements and ways of working. We develop solutions to address their issues by applying our practical experience, best practice and industry knowledge.

We achieve success for our clients by applying operational excellence across the entire business process. Whether it’s a problem with production, an issue with technology, processes or people, we have the experience to deliver success – whatever ‘success’ looks like for our client.

How do we do it? Our talented, experienced professionals have the drive and vision to want to make a difference, the expertise and experience to deliver, ensuring that change happens. We always leave a sustainable solution in place for successful ongoing operation.