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The delivery of projects is never an easy thing to do successfully, but over recent times things have become even more challenging. With each day providing new economic, logistical, and technical challenges is it clear that to be successful at “bringing projects home” needs more than good process knowledge alone. Ian focuses on how the way we “react” to what happens around us can make the difference in how we perform on projects, as well as other walks of life. It is how we react to what happens both around us and “to us” that can be the diferentiator┬áto our personal and project success.

Ian has worked in project environments for 20 years, holding a range of roles including Head of Programme Management for Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, and most recently working to set up and develop the project management capability of a German owned SME. Ian has worked in a range of companies in a range of different markets – subcontract sector, shoe making machinery , “off road” material handling vehicles , aerospace , and even 10 years as a Special Police Constable along the way ! Over that time Ian has developed a passion for helping others improve by looking at and understanding how we react to our circumstances.


– to direct one’s mind to something



– something that matters to you or your business



– to be more effective